Brentwood’s new 3D visuals following EA planning approval

3D Visuals

Edward Architecture is please to showcase the new 3D visual images for the re-clad to the front elevation of an apartment block in Brentwood, courtesy of RVIS. The design consists of 10 x 1bed 2 person units and range in size from 37.3m2 – 48.4m2 with all room space standards complying with Brentwood’s Adopted Housing Standards: Category F Houses. The two 3rd floor apartments also have a large outdoor terrace area each, the rear terrace is as existing, the front terrace is new. The building has not be updated for several years with the facade in a state of disrepair. The application aimed to upgrade this facade with contemporary windows and materials with aims of creating a smart contemporary appearance that sits well within the local context. The new proposals dramatically smarten up the building, complementing the character of the area and the surrounding buildings.

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